Spring 2009 Newsletter

Newsletter Front PageI’ve written my first newsletter ever, but this isn’t a once-off event. Every season, I’ll be publishing updates about my writing, our lives together and with God, and whatever else strikes my fancy. It’s a bit more polished than blog entries, and it contains a whole lot more pictures.

This first one was prepared specially for my family reunion, which began just a few hours ago. That’s why it’s a bit heavier on the “What we’ve been up to” side, but that’s also why this is the only edition that will be in print. Because printing these out and mailing them would be prohibitively expensive, future versions will be available via email if you subscribe. Of course, they’ll show up here in the RSS feed as well, or you can subscribe to an RSS feed designed especially for them.

Download and/or view SilverPen News – Spring 2009.

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