Moving very little

While April and I are in Eureka Springs to celebrate her graduation, we thought we’d do some bicycle riding through the beautiful Ozarks. Unfortunately, when I thought I was going towards a trail, I was actually going down a steep hill that ended in a sharp decline. I ended up falling about 3-5 feet, faceplanted, and broke my collarbone. All I could think at the time was, “Thank God I’m wearing a helmet.”

We don’t have our camera cable or I’d post pictures. My head’s bruised some and I probably had a mild concussion (with which I am quite familiar from my youth). My clavix, as it is more scientifically known, is very broken and will likely need surgery. I have an appointment with my primary physician on Monday who will then refer me to an orthopedic specialist.

The “ER” we visited in Eureka Springs was almost worthless. Despite there being no other patients there, it took forever for the doctor to see me, and the X-ray people were all kinds of slow, unprofessional, and frustrating. When I asked the “doctor” for more details, he said he just didn’t know and I should go to Cox hospital in Springfield to see someone who actually knew what they were talking about. The nurse was similarly clueless and the person in charge of billing could not tell us how much everything cost.

A section of the bone in the middle of my left shoulder on the front broke on both sides, so we could see it floating, displaced, on the X-rays. It hurts like hell if I move that arm/shoulder much, but I’ve got a sling and if I’m relatively still then I’m fine. Going to try to avoid taking the demerol they gave me because demerol leaves me unable to think coherently. If given the choice between physical pain and pseudo-insanity, I’m going to opt for the former.

That being said, I’ll pop a pill before bed. :-p

We haven’t decided when we’re driving back to Springfield. April wanted to leave tonight but the doctor suggested waiting at least one night (just about the only helpful thing he did). I’m pushing to remain here through the weekend and try to do most of the stuff we were going to (though horseback riding is out, sadly).

If you’re the praying type, I’d appreciate your prayers for a swift recovery and no long-term damage. I’ll be having surgery in a week or two as well, and maybe some physical therapy down the line.

Praise God it wasn’t worse. And remember kids, always wear your helmet.

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