Clavicle Update

First, it’s not a clavix. My mistake.

Second, we have met with our local doctor, which was much more fruitful. He gauged my movement, showed me a stretching exercise I should do, and made me an appointment with an orthopedic specialist on Friday. They will be the one to decide if I need surgery or not.

I’m not taking any pain meds, other than the occasional ibuprofen, and am generally in very little pain. The first afternoon/evening was pretty hard, but that can partially be attributed to the concussion, shock, and dehydration. Sleeping at night isn’t particularly comfortable, but it’s manageable. I have discovered that my SumoSac is perhaps the most wonderful piece of furniture ever.

I can only type one handed, and only about 30-40 WPM, so suffice it to say that my first draft of the scifi novel I’ve been working on will not be completed by August. I will, however, still be running the D&D game we are starting this Friday.

I am back at work and will be attending leadership training this week. Though my functionality is limited, there’s no reason I can’t sit and listen to people talk.

Also, for those who are curious, our weekend in Eureka Springs wasn’t quite ruined. We couldn’t ride horses or get massages, but we did go shopping. I found some great sandals for 50% off and April got a skirt and a big, floppy hat. We also had the best coffee ever at a little place in town.

Blog entries will be few and short for the next 6-8 weeks; today’s was the last one I had written in advance. I intend for the OBS to be podcast only for a month or so.

I’ll put some pictures up from our weekend eventually. Until then, I’m signing off.

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