Moving to the Library

Am I busy? Yes. But it’s also wonderful.

If you follow my Twitter you’ve already got a good idea what the last few days have been like. We’ve been booked solid, working or running errands all day and entertaining every evening, so we haven’t had a lot of downtime, let alone writing time. In the last three days I’ve found an hour to learn Evernote and forty-five more minutes to transcribe notes into it and play with organization schemas. I’m also learning/trying Remember the Milk as a task list and I’m liking it quite a bit better than anything I have tried before.

The current flurry of activity has a few different catalysts. On the social side, we have become increasingly active at Vineyard, the church we have joined. There have been birthday parties, going away parties, dinner parties, luncheons, and a variety of other things going on, and we’re really liking all the people we have met so far. It’s been a good time, but it has also taken a lot of time. In addition, my old friend Cody is back in town for a week, so we had him and a few others over for dinner and a movie last night and we’re LANning on Thursday night. Busy busy.

On the work side, I’m moving over to the Missouri State Library. Tomorrow. I’m not changing jobs or anything–my title is still Centralized User Support Specialist for Computer Services–but I will be in the computer lab on the second floor of the library. Previously this lab was run by ETC (Educational Technology Center), but talks have been going back and forth for years now for Computer Services to take over operations there. Now we have, and I’m moving over there to oversee everything. It’s going to be a lot of new challenges, but I’m extremely excited for the possibilities there. We’re going to do a lot of new things and I’m anxious to experiment.

Suffice it to say that I’ve been exhausted most evenings, yet still busy. We were running all last weekend, and though it was all fun and enjoyable stuff, it also didn’t allow much time for writing or reflection. I’ve stalled on the book I’m reading as well, because even that time has been lost.

There’s nothing going on tonight, though I may go to the pub after work, so I would ostensibly like to get some writing done… but I’m also very, very tired. I may end up crashed out on the Sumosac to read and go to bed around eight.

I have to be at work at seven in the morning tomorrow, for the library opens earlier than anywhere else on campus (except for our Cheek Hall Open-Access Computer Lab, which is open 24 hours a day most of the week). The new schedule will take some getting used to, just like everything else, but I’m up to it. I can’t wait to start over there and begin getting things sorted.

Oh, and on the collarbone front, it’s still broken, but it is better. I stopped wearing the sling on Saturday and, though it has been somewhat painful/uncomfortable, it is going OK. I have my follow-up X-Rays tomorrow morning to make sure it’s healing well, and if it is then that means no surgery. If it’s not… well, they’ll have to rebreak it and schedule surgery for me. Praying for the former, and I’m fairly confident that it’ll all be fine.

I’m being taken out to lunch today since it’s my last day in the Help Desk (I’m switching from the faculty/staff side to the student side of the house), but I wanted to at least jot something here quickly to let people know why I’ve been incommunicado. I’ve got one or two dozen things in Evernote I’d like to write, I just need to find the time to do it.

Until then.

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