Light post falls on Missouri State Campus

Shortly after noon yesterday, one of the light posts that overlook the Plaster Sports Complex simply keeled over. The wind and rain wasn’t particularly strong yesterday, so the cause is unclear, but a nearby area of campus has been roped off in case a second light post, presumably installed at the same time, suffers from similar defects.

I didn’t hear it fall but my student workers did, and I grabbed a picture with my iPhone as I walked by later in the afternoon. This post is partially to share the image and story and also to test the camera and WordPress application on the iPhone.


Personal endnotes: there’s no way to set an excerpt or really anything else from this application… I can’t modify the picture much, or set any standard options… Given the phone’s performance on other sites, I’m guessing it would be far better to avoid the WordPress app entirely and just log into the web interface.

2 thoughts on “Light post falls on Missouri State Campus

  1. I meant to snap a picture of it as I walked by this morning — that’s nuts.

    As far as WordPress on the iPhone, I’ve just got the WPhone plugin installed so I can get to my admin from MobileSafari ( — but it doesn’t allow you to upload photos.

    I hear iBlogger isn’t too bad, though, but I can’t vouch for it as I’ve never used it. Not sure if it supports writing excerpts.


    1. I just tried using iPhone’s Safari and it works just fine in the WordPress Admin interface, though you have to type in HTML mode rather than the rich text editor (mobile Safari doesn’t recognize that as a place for typing so the keyboard doesn’t come up). I can do excerpts that way and also interact with comment forms, etc. It’s just the RTE that didn’t work.

      Over wireless, it was almost as fast as my laptop, too. I know they’re working on improving the WordPress application, so hopefully we’ll see an update soon to add functionality, but until then I’ll just use the web interface.


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