ZoomTV – A Nightmare

Rather than having anything to do with Bollywood, the name ZoomTV described a method of filming in my dream last night. Some friends of ours were making an advertisement as an entry in a contest and asked if we would join. Their amateur film studio was set in a large, brown room with random furniture throughout, inspired perhaps by my recent re-arranging of library furniture, and they had a single camera and a lot of ideas. The people who had helped them set up cleared out quickly, but we agreed to stay and help our friends.

The commercial was ridiculous and soon crossed the border from reality to fantasy. At one point I was swinging a large, spiked flail over my head and wiping out lines of charging enemies while the camera rolled on. After six failed takes we rested and asked a bit more about ZoomTV. Why was it called that?

It is called that, as it turns out, because ZoomTV is a special means of filming that operates faster than the speed of light. Anything in front of the camera is accelerated, and though we didn’t notice a difference, we too had been shooting through time faster than light. April and I were horrified as this sunk in for us, and we suddenly realized why the crew who helped set up had quickly fled. While we had gone through six takes in a matter of hours, ten years had passed outside the studio.

Though April and I were furious, we were already screwed. We went ahead and finished the commercial on the hope it would win, because the money it would bring would be our only saving grace. Surely by now I woud have been fired by my job, our house would have been foreclosed, our car gone, our bank accounts emptied. Though enough time hadn’t passed for the terrifying conclusion that, “Everyone we knew is now dead!” surely some people we knew were gone, or at least thought we had disappeared, died, or abandoned them. We had nothing to our names at this point, and what was worse, it would be nearly impossible for me to catch up. I work with technology and have to stay current in my knowledge, but by the end of filming I was almost fourteen years out of date. I would no longer be able to work in the same field I had been.

We left the studio destitute and wandered around the future for a bit, receiving startled and strange looks from people. We soon saw the commercial on a television and discovered that not only had we been cut out of it completely, an idea I had while brainstorming the commercial, the exact words I had said, were being parroted by our “friend” who had roped us into this without warning. I was furious and, in my already somewhat tender mental state, was becoming rather mean in general. April soon left me and I was alone.

I confronted the friend, to no avail, and was completely lost and directionless before I awoke.

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