Tie Association

“All I have left is to pack up my laptop and pick out a tie,” I said to the empty room, assuming April would hear me in the bedroom. I was pulling on my shoes in the office, hurrying to get ready so we could maybe leave early for once.

“Oh! Can I pick it out?” she asked. Sure, go ahead. No, not that one, that’s my power tie.

“What about this blue one?” April held it up to show me, a blue tie with a black swirl through it.

“Yeah, that’ll work,” I replied. “I’ve worn that tie to a lot of funerals.”

April and I are headed back to St. Louis today for a second funeral. Her grandfather passed away on Saturday, following her grandmother who died in late July, and the visitation and funeral are both today. After the burial tomorrow, we’re eating with the family and then potentially going to visit April’s grandparent’s home, which had a special place in her youth and which will likely not be visitable again for us.

We’ll return late Tuesday night, I’ll wash clothes and pack and a hurry, and then wake up around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday so April can take me to the airport around 5. I’ve got a few things programmed into my phone for the Penny Arcade Expo and I’m reasonably certain I can get to the hotel. After looking at the schedule this morning (while also connecting into Missouri State via VPN to update some stuff for payroll and send out a ton of emails because of all the work I won’t be able to do today and tomorrow) I decided to cut out my trip to the Seattle Aquarium, freeing up some time and turning down the knob on the stress.

Nevertheless, I’m still very excited for my vacation on Wednesday, and I think we’ll have a great time. I wish I could write more, or more eloquently, but we’ve got to jet. Still gotta load the car and I wanted to be out the door in two minutes.

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