Pre-PAX Day 1

There are certain facts we know to be self-evident:

  1. Today was very long.
  2. Today was very awesome.

My flight from Denver to Seattle was around an hour and a half late, but I was still able to meet up with the Magical Mystery Tour (MMT) for lunch without too much of a problem. Ironically, I managed to get there on time (with a quick, somewhat expensive taxi ride) while the MMT was about an hour late, at which time I proceeded to awkwardly insert myself into the existing social structures that had begun to form at nine this morning.

Essential Bakery

Essential Bakery

The coffee here was absolutely fantastic, and the sandwiches were pretty good too. I was pretty nervous when everyone showed up due to my general introvertedness and social anxiety/awkwardness, but once we got on the bus and began chatting everything seemed to work out. Funny how that happens when we’re all at a common event, have similar interests, and are generally incredible nerds.



We got our food from Essential Bakery to go and ate it at the Gasworks, a park near what were presumably oil refineries at one point. Following our delicious repast, we had a quick few games of Mario Kart DS in the shade of a nearby… thing. The structure was as mysterious as the oil silos.

Ballard Locks

Fish vs Twizzler

Ballard Locks is a dam… where there are locks… to raise/lower the water so boats can go through.

Also, there were enormous, jumping fish, and as this sign so helpfully warned us, they have been known to attack Twizzlers. If you carry a Twizzler across the Locks, the fish will maul you. To death.

Archie McPhees

Toys at Archie McPhees

This was the most random gift shop / crap store I’ve ever been in. Highly amusing, but I do not regret buying absolutely nothing there. Still, it was a fun stop that caused many a chuckle.

Trophy Cupcakes



So, I’ve always felt that cupcakes pretty much always taste the same. Trophy Cupcakes is special though, or so I have been told, and the cupcakes are all gourmet and unique and awesome. Subsequently, I have acquired six to test over the next few days. I’ll let you all know the results.

Sheraton Hotel

Laptop Desk

I actually stopped in at the hotel before heading to Essential Bakery, but all I did was drop my luggage then turn and run back out the door to get to the bakery on time (or, as it turned out, an hour early). The room is spectacularly nice though and I’m really excited to be here through Monday. It’ll be a good get-away when the crowds become overwhelming (and with my penchant for agoraphobia, that probably won’t take too long).

Dinner at Kell’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

People at Kell's

Kell’s was a lot of fun, and in addition to giving me my first drink of Glenlivet 21 year scotch it was also great service and a tasty hefeweisen. Unfortunately, the food was sub-par at best and the steak they served me was the second worst I’d ever had. In addition, the prices were unreasonably high for what they served. I know the cost of living and whatnot is different here, but I’d have gotten a mindblowing dinner from Rodizio back home for the same price as a really poor one was at Kell’s.

I’ve eaten at Kell’s in San Francisco and it was pretty horrible there too. Not sure why I had expected this one to be better.

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4 thoughts on “Pre-PAX Day 1

  1. Hmm, should we pack our own food when we go to Ireland or was Kell’s at all similar to what we might find there?

    I love the star trek themed cupcake and your tech area in your hotel room. Have fun!


  2. The part about the twizzler loving fish made me laugh so hard I almost couldn’t read the rest! 😉

    Yeah, I could have told you guys Kell’s was going to suck. It exists solely as a yuppie hang out in Pike.


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