PAX Day 1

PAX IS OVER 9000!!!

The first day of PAX found me in a line a mile long, snaking back and forth through a room unquestionably dubbed The Queue Room. Though the doors to PAX didn’t open until 10 a.m., people started lining up at 8 a.m. and I got there somewhere around 8:30 thinking I could play some Nintendo DS. I also foolishly carted along by MacBook and all my chargers.

As they packed us in more and more, my claustrophobia coupled with slight agoraphobia began to cause me problems, but we didn’t get really cramped until about half an hour until the doors opened. I managed to survive the half hour, as you have probably surmised.

During the queue, a screen displayed a variety of things for our amusement, and despite the picture above very few of these were cheesy videos. There was someone behind a curtain typing to us and on the screen we saw what looked like an old black terminal with green terminal text. They were quite amusing, and we greatly enjoyed the experience.

I was a bit overwhelmed during the day, partly because I’d only gotten about eight hours of sleep over the past 2.5 days and partly because I was still hungover from the Triwizard Drinking Tournament. And though I didn’t attend a single panel I had intended to, I still had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the day.

The high point of the day was playing Nintendo DS with some people and breaking the Guiness World Record for most Nintendo DSes played in one place at one time. 315 Australian kids had previously held the record, so it wasn’t too tough for us to smash that (we had well over 900 going).

For more details, check out the photo set on Flickr for various witty comments and great snapshots of the con so far.

More photos »

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