Not much homework done today, and every time I looked at a blank page to write I felt unaccountably weary. Too many memories floating around
about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck

Matthew Stublefield

This is about all the greater Internet is getting out of me these days: Twitter messages. I haven’t blogged since I got home from vacation and I’m not sure I’m going to blog anytime soon now that work and class has re-entered my life.

I’ve got a test Friday and a paper to write this weekend (due Monday) in addition to work and trying to not burn out. My method for staying sane includes a decent amount of gaming during what one might term “free time,” and it is… that’s sort of the point, I guess. Part of me points with frustration at this time and says, “Look! Look how much writing you could be doing! You played WoW for what, 8 hours over the weekend? 9?! Why didn’t you spend that time writing?”

I could have also been storyboarding, recording podcasts, doing book reviews, etc. etc… but that would all be work. As I have lamented before, it’s work I enjoy, but it’s tiring nonetheless, and when I’m already tired I’m afraid piling more work on will only break me.

Therefore, I’ve been “microblogging,” something I’d never given conscious thought until Steve replied to a comment I sent him on Twitter. He’d been tweeting a lot in a short period of time (admittedly, his overall tweetage is higher than mine–where I average about 8 tweets a day, Steve’s at about 20) and I suggested that some of them might make good blog posts. He replied back that one blog post a week was about all he had time for, and looking at my own schedule, I can sympathize. I haven’t even managed one in the last week.

I’ve considered turning the feature on in Twitter Tools to have it make a daily digest of my tweets, but that seems a little overboard. If you want those updates, you can either sign up for Twitter and follow me or grab it via RSS. My updates are also on the right side of my homepage, if you prefer to check them there.

Someday I’ll have the time and energy to write again, but getting myself to accept that and just be is difficult. I keep wishing I could live comfortably; just play games without the feeling of guilt for whatever else I could be doing. On the plus side, when I get some balance back to my life and start writing again I’ve got over 50 notes with ideas and starters in Evernote, and that’s just going to keep growing. The larger my note pile becomes, the more uses I find for those tidbits. Rather than turning each into a blog entry, as I would have in the past, they’ll now become pieces of stories, off-handed comments or observations, and other spice for larger works. I’m excited to note this development in my thought/planning process and look forward to seeing how it works out.

One last, unrelated thing. I slept on my stomach last night for the first time since my bicycle accident. I’ve got another x-ray in a week and a day, hopefully my last, and I’m now able to walk/stand pretty much all day (compared to 15-30 minutes just a month ago). All-in-all, I seem to be on the mend 🙂

One thought on “Microblogging

  1. You shouldn’t feel guilty about gaming over writing. In the end, the time you spend sorting out your work-life balance by playing games for a few hours will make your writing better. You’ll feel less like you spent all your time doing it and more like it’s a relief to sit down and get it all out!

    Glad you’re feeling better!


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