4 thoughts on “Review of Warcraft Archive

  1. Warcraft ftw 🙂
    I can highly recommend the War of the Ancients trilogy by Richard Knaak (assuming you haven’t read it already)

    Also play WC3, you’re missing out 😛

    1. We’ve played it some in Vs. and as Tower Defense, but I’ve never tried the campaign. It comes highly recommended, so maybe I’ll give it a go sometime, but I usually fail at strategy games 😛

  2. Do it! If I had it my way I’d make everyone play it before they picked up wow, it definately fills in a lot of backstory.
    It’s also cool to be able to take part in some of the key moments in the lore (in my mind, *I* was the one who put that scar all the way through silvermoon, defended hyjal, pulled frostmourne from the ice etc :P)

  3. That’s kind of funny. The only one that didn’t have me rolling my eyes on a constant basis was Metzin’s. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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