What I’m working on

Is SilverPen Publishing an actual company? No, not yet, but I do stuff anyways.

Herbert the Trillionaire

I’m not really sure what this thing is. It’s a short story, and I’m publishing it as I go along, and I think it’s kind of fun. Herbert is a really rich guy who seems to have lost his memory and, with it, his hate-filled personality. Now he’s pretty easy-going and likes to help people. That seems nice?

Upcoming Story-a-Day

I don’t have a title for this yet, but I intend to begin publishing a story serially, at about 500 words a day, Monday through Friday. I’m developing the first couple of months worth of story offline before I begin posting it just in case I hit some writer’s block or horrible illness or something that prevents me from keeping up with my writing schedule. I’m not going into details of what this story is yet, but it’s

  1. filled with stuff I know about, and
  2. something I’d enjoy reading

so hopefully it’ll be OK. I’m having fun at least, which I kind of think is the point.

Building the Modern Help Desk

I’ve had this project shelved for a while, but my outline and notes are coming together more fully now. This short work of non-fiction will be a book about how to keep your job in IT, especially in regards to providing support to users. I see a lot of rigidity in a lot of people’s thinking that is probably going to lose them their jobs before too long–this book will share some theories of user support that will help make you more valuable to your place of employment.

Book about college ministry

This will be a short book (as I hope most of my books to be) about what I think college ministry should look like after being involved with it for five years. Semi-autobiographical, it will highlight strengths and weaknesses of current/traditional college ministry and lay out a vision for how college ministry could be better.

Spiritual Warfare Recap

Weekly podcast about spiritual warfare and anything pertaining to it, mostly focused on my own thoughts/studies and questions/conclusions that arise from them. Right now, I’m reading a series of books by Walter Wink.

60 Second Book Reviews

Randomly scheduled book reviews, video recorded and posted on YouTube, that essentially give a thumbs or thumbs down on a particular book. You can get the description of the book on Amazon, so all I focus on is whether I liked it or not, and a little bit about why I formed that opinion.

Picking a path

These are the things I’m actually working on, not just the things I want to work on. I’ve also got a few other ideas and projects percolating, but those are less concrete and not being actively written/developed.

It helps me to write these things out sometimes to give myself some direction and goals. I hope to have first drafts of both the help desk and college ministry books completed by the end of August 2010. I hope to begin publishing Story-a-Day (whatever that ends up being called) in January 2010.

As for Herbert, I’m kind of thinking about turning it into a children’s book with illustrations. We’ll see how that turns out down the road. For now, I’m just enjoying writing it every now and again.

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