Headhunters annoy me

I got a call from a company here in Springfield a few weeks ago offering me a job. Well, not exactly offering a job, but they really, really wanted to interview me. Like, over the phone, right that second. This wasn’t a job I applied for, and what’s more, it’s not even a job in my field. It was for selling insurance.

I told the woman several weeks ago, who was pretty nice, that I probably wasn’t interested. She asked if I knew anyone who might be and I said no. She asked again if I was interested… no, I replied. I may get [very] frustrated with my job, but I enjoy it pretty well, and when push comes to shove, I get paid really well for this area with pretty good benefits. I won’t say I wouldn’t be interested in working elsewhere, but they’d have to pay me at least $10k/year more than I’m making now with twice the vacation time to get me away from Missouri State University. Also, I’d have to enjoy the work. Sales does not meet those criterion.

After finally getting off the phone with her, I figured I was done. Until my phone rang again a few minutes ago.

This is so-and-so, you spoke with my assistant several weeks ago about a job, and I wanted to call back and talk with you a bit more about it. You see, this other guy you work with referred you, and he’s a close personal friend of mine, and he said you’re pretty sharp so we’d really like to bring you on board. Could we meet some time next week to talk about it?

No. Remember when I said that? Oh yeah, you do, because you admitted it, but I guess you don’t care.

The guy sounded desperate and nervous. I had a picture in my head of someone unwilling to make eye contact who was sweating and tugging at his collar. He really wanted to meet next week to talk about a job, and I told him I really didn’t think I’d be interested. It also bugged me that he wouldn’t say exactly what they did or what company he worked for. I’d need to know the job, company, its reliability (will this company be around for a while?), and the pay/benefits before considering meeting with them.

He gave me a little bit of that information, but when all was said and done, I still told him no. I don’t have time to meet anytime before next March, and again, the job didn’t fit my criterion. But he refused to get off the line and just kept asking questions. Are you sure? Really sure?  Can I call you in six months to make sure you’re still sure? Do you know anyone else who might be interested? Really? Are you sure you don’t?

I suspect the guy who gave him my name probably did it out of desperation to get off the phone. Instead, I just hung up.

I wouldn’t mind being called for a legitimate job offer in my field, where they had heard of me from someone and had an interesting offer. I’ve actually had a few of those, and this isn’t the first time someone has called me to offer me a job. But it’s usually not a job I’m interested in, and what’s worse, they refuse to accept, “No.”

Let’s say you know of a job you’d like to recommend me for–I’ve got some advice. Talk to me about it. If I’m interested, then you can give my name out. Otherwise, please stop siccing these rabid job hounds on me. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

PS I am glad that people try to throw jobs at me on a regular basis, even with the economy as it is. That’s pretty cool. Guess I’m doing something right.

If only the people throwing the jobs weren’t so damned annoying.

One thought on “Headhunters annoy me

  1. That sounds super creepy. o_O

    I love dealing with vendors at my job, and by love I mean it makes me viciously happy when I make them say they aren’t a current vendor with the UW and slap them over to the auto-vendor we don’t want you recording.


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