Researching the Medieval Inquisition

I’m not exactly maintaining radio silence this week, and I’ll probably be on Twitter very regularly for the next several days while I am in Blackboard 9.0 training (three days of in-depth training in preparation for our upgrade and migration), but I haven’t gotten any writing done. When I was working over the weekend, I was researching the Cathar heresy and the Medieval Inquisition. I have a paper due on this topic this coming Saturday and lots of research yet to complete.

So I’m going through a stack of books, making copious notes in Scrivener and compiling all of my materials before I actually begin writing. Despite the fact that this paper is worth relatively little of my grade and I’m not generally a very diligent student, I’m actually giving this one some effort. It will probably be the last research paper of my college career, so that’s worth something I guess.

No podcast this week, though I’ve got two prepped and ready to be recorded. Each takes about 40 minutes total of recording, a bit of re-recording, upload, posting, etc. I need to spend that 40 minutes elsewhere, unfortunately. I also haven’t made any progress on fiction recently… but its time will come!

Instead, I’ve been putting movies on in the background and scanning through books, copying down the passages and information I need. Hopefully I’ll start actually writing the paper on Thursday night, and finish it on Saturday.

And once it’s all said and done, I think I’ll actually post this one 🙂 I don’t publish most of my school work because I consider it all hopelessly boring and worthless, but I really am enjoying this paper.

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