It’s been almost a year…

My collarbone was hurting last night, so I started to do a rotation stretch that has become common to me over the last year. I press my hand over my collarbone and then rotate my shoulder back, up, forward, and down. Doing this usually results in a loud pop, usually multiple, as the bones shift a bit, and then successfully quieter pops until it’s just cracking with each rotation. This really does feel pretty good, as everything slots back in as it (kind of) should.

Last night, though, after I had performed a few rotations, my collarbone stopped popping.

And again this morning, after just a few stretches, it was silent.

I didn’t think it’d ever be silent again ^.^ I’m pretty excited that it’s continuing to heal. Or, to rephrase, I’m pretty excited that it’s not done healing. That it’s still getting better.

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