Don’t do it for the scale

Time: 1:03:09
Distance: 3.9 miles
Music: Stunt by Barenaked Ladies
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If you’ve ever weighed yourself daily, you know that a scale cannot be trusted. Our weight fluctuates from day to day, and even fluctuates throughout the day. You’ll weigh more in the evening than you did in the morning, and might weigh more or less on any given day dependent on who-kn0ws what.

On Monday I was 220. On Tuesday, the scale reported 219. Today our fancy electronic scale told me I was up to 224. I don’t really believe I gained 5 pounds overnight, so I shrugged and went walking.

I think it’s important to set your goals for exercise, and I don’t really think your primary goal should be a target weight. It seems that if your goal is to lose weight, once you hit that target you’re likely to slip back into your old lifestyle and gain the weight back. Instead, your goal should be to change your lifestyle entirely. I want exercise to be a part of my daily routine. I want to be holistically healthy, and exercise is part of that. Losing weight is good, and I definitely want to drop about thirty pounds, but I need to ingrain this habit so I keep doing it even when the weight is gone.

Exercise to feel good, not just to lose weight.

2 thoughts on “Don’t do it for the scale

  1. I have gained 2 pounds just by eating lunch. A large amount of weight change is water weight from how much you drink. Typically, it’s best to weigh yourself at the same time every day. That way you compare apples to apples because Matthew before lunch weighs different than Matthew after lunch.


  2. That’s a great attitude to have! It’s better to measure inches and not weight when you’re trying to lose it. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat does. If you want to stay fit, it’s all about forming healthy habits!

    And re: scales…have you ever been to the Old Spaghetti Factory? They keep a scale in the front of the restaurant so you can weigh yourself before eating there and then see how much you gained from stuffing yourself full of garlic bread and italian food after. XD


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