A Room in God’s House

I’ve had an image in my head for a while that as we do good work in this life, our reward in heaven grows proportionally. These sorts of allegories are used in sermons sometimes, where the rich man gets to heaven and has a shack while the humble man who gave everything away has a fabulous mansion. As for me, I don’t really want either.

At some point in our lives, we may have heard the phrase “If you’re going to live in my house, you’re going to live by my rules!” I’m pretty sure I had it directed at me when I was younger, and I’ve certainly heard it on TV. That’s what I want, though: to live in God’s house, under His rule. I don’t want a mansion, or even my own shack where I live alone. I want a room in God’s house.

Just thinking about it fills me with excitement; the whole idea seems cool to me. A room, or a small suite, where I have a bed and a desk, maybe a wardrobe with some things. Living right in the middle of the Kingdom of God, in the same building as Jesus. I picture living in the British palace, or living in one of the palaces of the fantasy fiction books I read, and get all fluttery and excited.

Better is one day in Your court
Better is one day in Your house
Better is one day in Your court
Than a thousand elsewhere

-Song by I’m-not-sure-who, adapted from Psalm 84:10

Heaven’s going to be so cool, you guys 😀

One thought on “A Room in God’s House

  1. I read this often:

    Psalms 27:4 I have asked the Lord for one thing; one thing only do I want: to live in the Lord’s house all my life, to marvel there at his goodness, and to ask for his guidance.


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