Another fond farewell to Cody

It has been a while since we originally said goodbye to Cody. He has been back for a month or two now from college, and will be moving to Seattle on Friday to make games and be awesome. We’ll keep in touch, though–he has agreed to help me with Project AwesomeSquirrel.

The tone of this blog is going to change some over the next few weeks, or at least that’s my goal. There will be more of a focus on writing–that is, on style and tone, how to write, and observations about writing. I look forward to stretching and working.

But not today, because I wrote this last night around 10:15 p.m. after a very long day of work followed by wishing Cody a happy trip. Instead, let me share with you an iPhone 4 review I found inspiring. I couldn’t read this style for too long (this article pretty much hit my limit), but I enjoyed it in this context.

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