Constructive Criticism in the Workshop

When I was growing up, we had a workshop in our back yard filled with experiments. Most of these involved woodworking of some sort, from bird feeders to toy swords, and everything was always in a state of incompleteness. Once one project was finished we’d start tinkering with another–it was a place where work was done.

I once heard that “Writing is Rewriting,” and at no time is that more true than in the workshopping phase. No piece is ever perfect, it is merely at rest, and a workshop is a way to pick it back up again and smooth out the edges, repair the joins, and try a new tint of varnish. Workshopping provides direction for improvement.

SilverPen Publishing’s workshopping service helps you build a better piece of writing. Whether you want to make sure that important email or newsletter is just right, or you want feedback and advice on your epic novel, I will apply years of experience from critiquing (and being critiqued!) to help you find areas of improvement or ideas that need to be added or taken away.

There’s no doubt that criticism is a key to improvement–you can’t sand the rough edges off a piece of wood without applying some pressure. I pledge that only constructive criticism to help you build a better piece of writing will ever be given.

Interested in learning more about workshopping? Check out our services page and don’t hesitate to contact me!