Is it worth maintaining multiple Twitter accounts?

Do you have more than one Twitter account? Why?

Usually when people maintain more than one Twitter account, it is for reasons of branding. Let’s say someone owns a hotel and a hardware supply company. They’ve taken hardware supply to the Internet and ship all over the world, and that means they need an online presence and identity. They need the same for their hotel, but they don’t want these two identities to mix. The easiest solution is to create two Twitter accounts.

But for those of us who are writing online, and particularly when we’re starting out, is it necessary? I have my personal Twitter account, which displays on the right side of SilverPen, and then I have the echo linux account which shows up at the top right of that site. These two sites have different focuses and audiences, but I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile for me to have two accounts.

What do you think? Are multiple accounts for freelancers and bloggers worth starting early? Or should we pool our resources and use these tools to get the word out to as many people as possible?

It makes sense to create separate online identities for different brands, but what if the brand is ourselves and what we do?

2 thoughts on “Is it worth maintaining multiple Twitter accounts?

  1. I believe it is Matthew if the branding issue warrants it. I love soccer and my @SGFsoccer allows me to promote the game and my website. My personal @steveoleolson account allows me to maintain a different set of relationships and cover topics that would turn off my soccer fans I believe, based upon my personal experiences. Your efforts at building a business with the Linux effort will attract some hard-core readers that will be less interested in your personal thoughts. You can still mix them in but at a level you’ll discover as you go forward.


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