Write For Yourself

As part of my current project, I’ve been asking people a lot of questions. My thought processes don’t work the same way as other people’s, so it’s helpful for me to ask people about their experiences, motivations, and goals. Knowing your audience is pretty important, and this is the most direct method I have.

There is a problem with asking questions though: you sometimes get answers you don’t want. On the magical carpet ride that is the Internet, there will be people who want to tear you down and tear you apart. I don’t know why. It doesn’t matter.

Screw them. The people who hate your ideas, want to knock you down and kick your breath out, and who are your most vociferous critics are probably also in the minority. Whether in politics or criticism, the loudest always seem to be from the smallest camp. Forget about them–they’re not worth it.

The majority, to be honest, are probably apathetic. They’re not interested and just don’t care. You might be able to swing some of them to your cause, and that’s not a bad goal, but they’re not with you yet.

And then there is the contingent of people who are with you. They get you. They’re intrigued, and maybe even interested. These are the ones who will support you, and whose thought processes do work like yours. Write for them, because writing for them is just like writing for yourself.

And if you make yourself happy, they’ll be happy too.

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