My first freelance gig and the rise of professionalism

I’ve done a lot of writing as part of my career: technical manuals, how-to guides, countless emails, and handbooks for training sessions. But since I launched SilverPen as a business a month ago and began positioning myself to take on some freelance work, I haven’t had many contacts. I’ve written a few things in response to writing boards and made some ad revenue from my work on echo linux, but other than that it has been quiet.

I got my first client yesterday though–one that was all my own. A client that wasn’t a referral through a job board where I wrote for some nameless entity who approved or denied my submission based on unknown criteria. This was an actual person, and it was thrilling.

It also spurred me to do some things I’d been putting off. I have updated my pricing on all of my services pages (and you can now see links to them in a sidebar on all of those pages), and I also wrote a disclaimer last night. I met with a lawyer a couple of months ago about some of these things, and once work starts coming more regularly I’ll meet with him again to get things made a bit more formal. For now, what I have will probably be sufficient.

SilverPen hasn’t been marketed at all yet, but after last night’s work I think I’m going to start promoting it more. I’m also looking into expanding my services a bit–I’m not sure I want to get into copy writing, but I don’t mind other kinds of writing.

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