Which is better: Juggling tons of projects, or focusing on one?

I’ve always done the former, especially when you consider blogging. I’ve normally got at least half a dozen personal projects going, and when you add in the additional dozen for my day job, it’s all gets a bit ridiculous.

When I look at my lack of progress on any one thing, I console myself by thinking that someday I will finish everything at once, which will just explode. Yeah, it took me fifteen years to finish a book, but when I did I actually had ten books to publish all at once! Neat, huh?

Except I don’t think it works. Without focus, little progress is made, and it’s hard for our minds to switch gears that well. Writing about technology requires a very different mental state compared to writing fantasy fiction. Editing an essay isn’t the same as typing a blog entry.

But I want to do all these different things. I don’t really want to stop any of them, even temporarily. Despite that, I think I’m going to have to . I just can’t do everything all at once. I need to pick a project and get it banged out, then focus 100% on editing it, and then finish so I can go to the next thing.

Which of these groups do you find yourself in? Are you happy there, or do you think the other might work better?

One thought on “Which is better: Juggling tons of projects, or focusing on one?

  1. I actually do the latter, and there are problems with that as well, at least for me. Focusing 100% on a single project often means I get bored with it, then frustrated, then sloppy with it because I get in a rush when I hit my least favorite parts of the process. What I’ve found works better for me is to only allow multiple projects when they’ve passed certain stages–in a knit or crochet piece, I’ll only cast on a new project when I’m at, say, finishing stages of another, or after primary construction. Or I can only have a specific amount of yarn engaged, or something that keeps me from hating a thing before I’m finished with it.


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