Queuing up the Dream State

Never got around to publishing this yesterday because I was too busy playing WoW.

Whenever I game for a long time (like the approximately 8 hours I did Friday night), it influences my dreams. Playing World of Warcraft as I did, I had expected dreams of slaying undead and riding dragons, but something else entirely happened.

WoW has added a way to queue for a dungeon, so you just hit a button and it signs you up, notifies you when a group is ready, and teleports you in when you accept. As I slept last night, I didn’t exactly enter a lucid dream state, but I did have a sensation of queuing my dreams.

I was able to queue three dreams total, including my current one, so there would be two waiting for when they were needed. This wasn’t too big a deal until I started to wake up in the morning, but because I had dreams queued I would immediately go back to sleep and slip into the next dream. I kept queuing dreams until I felt like getting up, and then I had to go through two more dreams before I could awake.

Not sure if the queuing was part of my dreams as well or if it’s actually possible to control our dream state like this, but it was pretty cool 🙂

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