A new blog for a new era

After launching SilverPen several months ago, I became dissatisfied with my web presence. I was preparing to launch echo linux, but my primary site was a blend of personal and professional, mixing a personal blog on too-many-subjects with promotion for the services I offer.

I decided to split my personal blog from my business site, and I also began formulating plans for future sites that will focus on other projects (because I don’t want to end up in this situation of having a catch-all site for different projects again). SilverPen Publishing LLC is an umbrella for a bunch of stuff, but the work can’t breathe when it’s all crammed under the same domain. Of note are a number of projects I’m workshopping right now where I want the multiple sites for them to all look similar, so I needed to start working with a better theme framework than I had.

The New Blog

You can find my new blog at MStublefield.com. I’ve maintained the RSS URL (even though it irks me that it’s /silverpenpub when the new domain is mstublefield) so people don’t have to resubscribe. It is built on the Thesis Theme Framework, which I hope to use for future projects (if I remain happy with it).

The design for this is pretty minimal. I did some minor tweaking within Thesis, but I found myself satisfied really early on. I just didn’t feel any need for further work. I like it.

The biggest benefit to me of Thesis is its emphasis on typography. I’ve been researching theme frameworks and every single Thesis site I looked at scanned very nicely. Someday soon I hope to set up some sort of interview with Chris Pearson to ask if the excellent typography in Thesis was intentional or not, but either way it’s certainly ubiquitous. Every other framework I looked at wasn’t nearly as nice to read.

So, a new blog. I blogged at SilverPen for about four years, and I’m pretty excited to leave it. Transitioning to an informal, personal blog has been really nice.

The New SilverPen Publishing

Go check out the updates and improvements at SilverPen Publishing. I’ve spent about 6-7 hours working on it so far today and I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out. I’m not a graphic designer or an artist in any sense, and generally I have a terrible time telling what looks nice. Any feedback may be appreciated—then again, it might just annoy me.

But yeah, I’m happy with the new setup. Test it out and let me know what you think. I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the final piece of the puzzle in place, which is pretty frustrating…

I had hoped to split the site such that silverpenpub.net would redirect to mstublefield.com, and silverpenpub.com would remain the business site. I can’t get it to work, and I don’t think I’m going to. Google will catch up pretty quick, and I updated my 404 page on SilverPen, so hopefully it’ll be OK.

The Future Dreams

When I find something I don’t understand—something that just sits on my brain and frustrates me as I mentally gnaw at it—I will spend countless hours focusing most all of my mental energy until things start to make sense. I’ve really been discovering myself as a writer and as a person over the last couple of months, making some pretty big leaps in my thought development and future plans.

I’m not ready to share all that yet, and I don’t know that I ever will through this medium. I think, rather than writing about it, I’d rather just start living. That’s part of what these changes are about—they’re the first steps in remaking myself into what I want to be. Or, to put it in a way I think more accurate, I’m making myself into the person I was always supposed to be, but wasn’t letting myself be.

It’s a new chapter in the book. Exciting, huh?

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