While sitting in a too-small seat, not paying attention to a class I’m almost failing

In my defense, I’m only almost failing because I missed an assignment while out of town to attend a wedding. Most weeks, we do nothing, but that particular week we had to put on a play with a group. I wasn’t here, couldn’t do the play, and subsequently missed the points.

It wasn’t as big a deal before, but I just checked grades online and the professor magically doubled how much that assignment was worth, which has dropped me by 10%. Hooray.

No worries, though. We have a paper due in a couple of weeks that’s worth 2.5 times that assignment, so the grades should start working out soon. That means I can keep ignoring this, right? The class, by the way, is Literature for Young Adults.

Still on track to graduate in December.

Oh God, the professor has just started reading the list of the top 100 most banned books. She’s actually reading all 100.

Anyways, I switched to OS X Lion at work today, and will likely install it on my MacBook tonight. I also got Parallels 7 on my work machine, which is freaking sweet. There’s a mobile app for it that lets me remote in and control either Mac or Windows, even without VPN, and it is very smooth.

I also upped my usage of RememberTheMilk by using this sweet workflow. I can’t actually recall the workflow and use it exactly, but I started forwarding email to RTM today and it is working really well for me.

Hey, if you’re still reading this post, I’ve got a question for you. Tonight’s subject is about censorship, and we read (or at least everyone else read) a book that contains violence, cursing, alcohol, and other unsavory details. Most of the students are elementary or secondary education majors, so I asked this question of the class: As someone who grew up with a somewhat violent and enlightening childhood, with some similarities to this book, I see value in kids reading this, especially kids who don’t experience these things because it gives them an opportunity to learn about and understand these topics in a safe environment. Am I wrong in that?

Most of my peers agreed that it is good, but that it’s ultimately up to parents. What do you think?

I can’t wait to teach my kids with inappropriate literature.

Where do you draw lines with that sort of thing?

On an unrelated note with another question, do you do video chat? I’d like to do it more, but it has been very awkward 50% of the time I’ve tried it. (I’ve done it twice.) I now have a webcam at home and work, so I’d like to make it part of my regular life, but I don’t know who else uses it regularly. Also, Skype on Mac is getting pretty horrid… I need to try Google Talk’s video chat more.

Oh, and I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to copy this entire thing into Google+ and see how that goes. Maybe I’ll get more discussion there.

With that in mind, I’ll end this blog post now to see what sort of discussion I generate to entertain me for the next two hours.

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