More introverted than ever

It’s the same tired refrain: blogger wishes they blogged more, but doesn’t.

Except while I’ve had ideas for blog entries, and I’m not opposed to sharing them, I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not that I’m too tired, or too busy, because since I graduated college I have a decent amount of free time and energy.

But I have realized that blogging is an inherently extroverted activity, in that you’re broadcasting your words to a bunch of people. Twitter is sort of the same in that respect, except since it’s microblogging, it doesn’t feel as big.

And because I’ve had to do a lot of extroverted activities this year, I just can’t bring myself to take on another.

This year, I am working hard to spend more time with people as part of my job. I manage just over 40 people, and while I don’t meet with many of them on a regular basis, I’m trying to communicate and meet with a good amount of them. I’m spending an hour or more with most of my full-timers per week (except third shift, who I only see once a month), and a lot of my student workers are getting more time from me. As an introvert, all this face-to-face communication is draining for me.

I’ve been reading a lot of theology, and I’d like to write more about that. I’d like to find communities online to talk with about it via blogging or other means, and I’d like to be reading other people’s thoughts on these things. But blogging just seems overwhelming. It’s another interpersonal communication, and I’ve got about all I can handle.

Despite that, my journaling and letter-writing is going well. Since these are private, one-to-one, asynchronous communications, I can handle them better. I can fit them in when I have the emotional energy.

Even as I write all this, though, it seems really obvious to me that I should be blogging. These conversations I want to have (about Walter Wink’s theology, and the culture of fear in IT, and management practices and philosophy) aren’t happening right now, partially because more in-person communication would be overwhelming and partially because I don’t know m/any people with whom I could meet regularly to discuss them.

What do you all think? Do you have a blog? What motivates you to write?

6 thoughts on “More introverted than ever

  1. Blogging may be inherently extroverted, but it’s an introverted experience in some ways. Typing on your computer can be solitary. You are talking to no one, communicating your thoughts when no one else will experience them immediately. They access those thoughts in a completely separate time and space. I find blogging an interesting balance, to let thoughts develop that have been rolling around in my head, to tell stories to people. But I don’t feel like I’m demanding their time and patience like I would necessarily be doing in person. They can choose what they want or don’t want and there’s a but of comfortable distance and privacy in that at the same time. I never really know who reads nor in what conditions, nor even if they really read at all. Maybe they just open the page, see how long my blog posts are and say FORGET IT, but the internet ticker marks it as “read.”


    1. I read this quote the other day and it resonated with me:

      “Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.” — Lord Byron


  2. Sorry son, not a blogger, never have wanted to be one so don’t necessarily know how to respond to this one. Sure would like to see and visit with you though and as that is counter to your (introvertedness), is that actually a word? That seems to be a remote possibility. Hope all are doing ok.


  3. i have the same problem with blogging. nathan keeps getting on me about blogging more, but i feel exactly like you about the interpersonal communication thing. its hard for me to get to writing, even though really all i’m sharing is pictures.


  4. I’d say the thing that motivates me to write is having something I think people will find interesting. I started my blog by posting about anything and I could write about, and I’m in the process of paring it down to fewer things which I can write about frequently. I feel I have a better chance of garnering some form of audience that way.
    On that note, I’d LOVE to hear about the culture of fear in IT, as it’s something I’ve never really heard of before, but likely affects me.


    1. I’ll try to write about it soon 🙂

      On an unrelated note, apparently my site doesn’t email me when I get a comment anymore? I had no idea people had posted here. I better fix that…


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