Why do you do the things you do?

Per my earlier post, it should be obvious that I’m thinking about politics and religion. I’m also thinking about motivation. I know why I do certain things, and I think I have a good handle on the motivations of a lot of the people I know, be they people from work, church, or other friends. People are complex in a lot of ways, but not all of life is enigmatic.

That said, I often cannot understand the motivations of some politicians. Rupert Murdoch stated today that Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, should “re-declare” for Mitt Romney and distance himself from President Obama, otherwise he will “take blame for next four dire years.”

The Fox network is pretty much a propaganda machine for the GOP. This isn’t disputed by a lot of people, and it’s probably not a surprise to most of you reading this. And since Murdoch owns Fox, it’s not surprising that he is an outspoken supporter of the GOP. But beyond that, I lose track of how his thoughts would need to progress to reach the above statement.

The governor’s state was just devastated by a hurricane, and the national government is responding well and helping people. But Murdoch’s thoughts somehow reached a point where:

  1. Obama will win if Christie doesn’t publically endorse Romney right now, or
  2. Obama will lose if Christie endorses Romney

Oh, and that if Obama wins, it’s Christy’s fault.

Nevermind that Christy has spoken at rallies on Mitt Romney’s behalf several times this campaign season, or that Obama has been leading in the polls by a huge margin for quite some time. Nate Silver is currently projecting an 85% chance that Obama will win, which is pretty solid. And while Obama’s chances have gone up due to his excellent response to hurricane Sandy, they haven’t gone up a tremendous amount… because they were already high.

Let me get to the point, since it’s late. There’s a video below that I’d like you to watch. It’s a song, and it’s very good, but don’t just listen to it. Watch Tim Minchin sing this, and watch his eyes. Part of this is showmanship, and he is a very good performer, but I see something else there besides just going through the motions and singing a song.

When Tim Minchin sings about his country, and his home, and his body, I see love. I see a quiet, sad, resigned sort of love that is still filled with affection despite hardship.

And when I think about Tim Minchin’s gaze and this song, I think about why we do things. Do our politicians love our world, and our country, and our homes? Are they motivated by love? Or are they motivated by power, or glory, or greed?

The motivations of others matters less than the motivations of me. I can only work on myself, so I’m going to do what I can to be a bit more like this song.

Maybe it’s not a perfect motivation, but it’s mine.

One thought on “Why do you do the things you do?

  1. A very insightful piece of music, and I enjoyed it, and agree that we all aren’t perfect, but we are ourselves, and we can only be and improve ourselves if we wish to, but, no one can improve anything by just observing. Everyone needs to get out and participate. From voting to picking up trash, improve your world by doing your part.


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