Heading to PAX East

I’m currently at the Springfield airport, two and a half hours before my flight leaves for Boston by way of Chicago. While I’m at PAX, I won’t be on IRC or instant messenger as much, and chances are I won’t be blogging because Internet signals that aren’t inundated are hard to come by once tens of thousands of PAXers descend on Beantown.

But I will be posting on Twitter and Google+, so if you want to keep up with me, be sure to follow me on one or both of those services. I’m going to try and take more pictures this year, since I took absolutely zero pictures last year after my failed attempt at video blogging (due partly to being unable to upload anything because, as I wrote, the Internet connections can’t handle us).

Of particular note is that I am an Exhibitor’s Assistant (XA) this year. All Enforcers have to submit an application to get in the first time, but there’s an additional app to become an XA and I’m super-excited to have been selected. I’ll be working with a few indie gaming companies to help make PAX as good as it can be for them.

The exhibitors I’m working with are:

  • Outlier Games
  • IndieGameStand
  • Asinine Games, Inc.
  • Mugen Studios
  • Dinosaur Games
  • Boston Indie Showcase

I’m spending my morning here at SGF researching each company to find out what they make and learn a bit about them. I’m most excited about the Boston Indie Showcase, which has a number of developers who won space at PAX because they’re just that awesome.

If I were really cool, I’d write a blog post about each company and schedule it for the future, but I think I’m just going to read about them, then try to play some SWTOR with no mouse and this MacBook on my lap. Turns out, there aren’t a lot of tables available here.

Hit me up on Twitter or G+ if you need anything. And for those of you coming to PAX, be sure to visit the Indie Showcase area and say hello!

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