When this blog started

My first blog post on this site was on September 1, 2007. I have had a blog since 2003, and it’s clear that the first post wasn’t an introduction to a new site but was instead part of an ongoing blog., so I’m not really sure why that was the cut-over date.  It’s not a post introducing this blog, and it’s not very neat or clean.

Part of me wants this blog to be some sort of cohesive work, like a novel or a travel diary. I want it to have a beginning, and a theme, and well-defined contours, and rising and falling action. Instead, it is an ongoing record of things that have happened, and a bit of stream of consciousness, and the occasional technical document. So when the delusion that it needs to be cohesive grows stronger, I start looking at taxonomy and organization and content and wondering what I should change or cut. Maybe I should write a new “first” blog post–what if someone finds my blog, then goes back to the very beginning to see where it all started, only to find that it didn’t really start at all? Maybe I should retag and recategorize all 600+ posts. Maybe I should rebuild the various series that used to exist and tie everything together that needs tied. Maybe I should wipe it all out and start over, just as I apparently did in September 2007.

I should, instead, stop obsessing about the past and what it looks like and instead focus on the future. It’s not really worth the time to even cut out old blog posts–I should be working on new content and new projects. This site has gone through a number of iterations, from multiple blogs to single blog, from business site back to personal, and from splash page to dedicated blog. The current title, “Personal Blog of Matthew Stublefield,” is very deliberate for the current iteration: this site is to be read and construed as nothing more than personal thoughts and opinions, and subsequently is not really up for debate or over-analysis.

I don’t know if that’s sustainable. Maybe I’ll want to make it more professional in the future. Should I then reorganize now so it is more cohesive? What exactly would that reorganization look like, and what would be its core and boundaries? As I continue to study project management and begin outlining some personal projects to work on over the next four years, I am thinking more about this site and its purpose.

This is obviously one of those stream of consciousness, record of the moment blog posts that I’m not sure will have a place in the future. Shouldn’t they all be tagged the same? Should they be restricted to private viewing? Should they be written at all? They have no meaning to anyone but me, and I won’t likely read them again.

But it is, even if only infinitesimally, helpful for me to write this down. I think, upon reflection, that I want to leave the site as it is. I’ll add another top-level page or two, and maybe I’ll take more care in future tagging, but leave the rest. This is a personal hub, nothing more. I want it to become the central place to find my work and writing, and since my work is so diverse, that will mean that by its very nature it must lack cohesion.

At least everything is now on a single site instead of on six different ones.


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