A Net By Any Other Name

I live and die by my calendar, and yesterday I looked at this weekend and discovered that I have just a few hours free on Saturday during which I can rest and relax. The semester has started out pretty well, but I’m busier than ever.

What is interesting is that all of these things I’m doing are very supportive of one another. That is to say, what I’m learning in my classes is helping me at work and at church; the work I’m doing at my job is giving me practice for church and school; my vision for my ministry will fuel my school and work. I feel like I’m on a rising tide, and it’s lifting all the ships.

This interconnected web of activities that is synergetically contributing to great productivity and learning is also taking a tremendous amount of time. Downtime is more rare, and when I do have a break of a few hours, my brain is still working on one of the many projects or problems I’ve got in the hopper.

We’re early in the semester yet, but I think I’ve got a good feel for where things are going. I’ll undoubtedly fall behind on things, and I continue to wish there were more hours and/or more days, but I feel more like a dynamo spinning up than a fuse burning down. Everything is getting tighter and more efficient.

I do miss sitting and playing a game and having an entire day with nothing to do and nowhere to go, though. If my calendar is any indication, that’s not going to happen again until sometime in July or August.

List of stuff to share:

  • I am continuing to advise the Model UN Club this semester. We’re meeting today to work on position papers, and will be traveling to St. Louis for the Midwest Model United Nations (MMUN) conference in a few weeks.
  • I am writing a bible study on 1 Timothy. It’ll be about 24 weeks long, and I have three commentaries to go through and a lot of writing to do. I estimate the writing time to be around 60 hours, which means it will probably take 180 hours. If I can finish by the end of the year, it will be a great accomplishment.
  • I have finished the first draft of project documents for this year’s work (at work). 9 projects and 5 ongoing organizational tasks, all interconnected and scheduled out over the next 7 months.
  • I have been keeping up with RSS feeds this year, instead of having 4-600 unread at any given time. It turns out that there’s a lot of fantastic content being written across the few dozen blogs I subscribe to.
  • I started a Tumblr. I did this mostly to make subscribing to other people’s Tumblrs easier, but it might be a handy way to share pictures while traveling or something. I have an Instagram account too, but something about Instagram bugs me. Google+ is good for sharing and microblogging, but I like that Tumblr can more easily be shared outside of G+.
  • I have another project or two that are still in the down-low phase, so I can’t talk about them. Suffice it to say that I am committed to getting 8 hours of sleep per night, and that commitment is seriously inhibiting me from getting everything done. It’s probably worth it, though.
  • I have become more and more enamored of bullet points.

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