No output without input

I was supposed to meet some local church leaders for breakfast this morning, only to discover about 5 minutes after our scheduled start time that they had rescheduled via Facebook last night. And since I had been dreaming of Gailey’s French Toast for several days, I decided to stay and catch up on reading blogs and enjoy the morning before diving into work.

The rest of the day will be devoted to Engineering Cost Analysis (math), Conflict and Communication (writing with citations), writing (maybe a few blog posts, and maybe some bible study prep), and some graphic design for a project I’m hoping to launch in a couple of weeks. I also want to spend time with my wife since we haven’t seen each other much for the last week.

As I was leaving Gailey’s, it occurred to me that it is hard to do everything I want to do right now because I’m so busy. I’ve also been working with our university’s Model UN Club as an adviser, and we’re traveling to St. Louis for a conference next week. All of this together means that my backlog of work continues to grow.

But if I didn’t have all these different things going on–the master’s classes, and Model UN, and reading tons of blogs, and I think I’m up to 8 books I’m reading concurrently, and talking with April as much as possible, and working with the Church–then I would have nothing. The work fuels the work in a cyclical fashion. Without the input that makes me so busy, there would be no output. I’d have more time to work on the stuff I want to put out, but paradoxically, I’d have nothing that I wanted to put out without everything that is taking up all my time.

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