Finished my pack of Astra blades today

I’m working through a sampler pack of 25 or 30 different razor blades, each with 5 per package. Astra was my first, and I know a lot of people on Reddit use them, but they were terrible.

Once I finally got to the last blade, I realized what (I think) the problem is. Of the five blades, three gave bad shaves, and they were the three that were on the outside of the stack. Astras are packaged in a cardboard sleeve, and I think they got bent in shipping, so the blades on the outside were bad while the ones on the inside were better.

This morning, I opened a back of Sharks and got a great shave, similar to what I experience with Feather. Both Feathers and Sharks ship in hard plastic sleeves.

I used Feathers for years and, once I learned how to shave with a DE, came to like them quite a lot. They’re my baseline. I look forward to discovering how Sharks compare over the next few months.

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