It only took 4 years…

Four years after migrating from to, I have finally moved the uploads folder and run the SQL query needed to make all the attachments and embedded images work right.

I’ve been learning SQL some through and finding more and more ways I can use it to make my life easier. It’s one of those things where, when you don’t know anything about it, you don’t even realize it might be able to make your life better. You don’t know what’s possible, so you keep doing things in a way that is more challenging than it needs to be. That kind of sums up my life.

Anyways, I saw today that I’d had a couple of hits on an old article, and when I went to read it myself, I noticed the image was broken. A few months back, I thought about combing through every post and manually re-embedding images, modifying URLs, and patching everything up. Instead, two minutes to log in, drop the folders in the right place, and run the query took care of everything.


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