Returning to Meta-Manage

I haven’t written here in a very long while, due in equal parts to job satisfaction, a busy social life, and working on my master’s degree. More challenging, though, I have been struggling a bit with the mission of this blog.

My intent was to write posts that could help people manage their companies, projects, and lives better by translating the advanced processes I know and am learning into steps or approaches that can be used by someone without a master’s degree in this stuff. The problem is that I’m now spending all my time eating, breathing, and sleeping Atlassian tools, and if I start writing about them, then I’m not as generic as I had intended. I’d be writing about how to use a tool to accomplish something rather than giving general advice.

At the same time, I want to write about the Atlassian tools because I think they’re pretty much the best out there. I can write a bit about Evernote and Trello and Smartsheet and other project management applications, but my expertise and day-to-day is spent with Atlassian.

So I’m just going to go down this path for a while and see where it takes me. Right now, I’m researching (partially due to a class I’m taking this summer) how to create organizations that foster innovation, and I’ve been thinking a lot about agile portfolio management. I’ve been speaking at some different professional organizations and user group meetings about JIRA Portfolio and related topics, and I want to write more about that.

This summer at least, I’m going to get back into writing here. This fall, I write my seminar paper and graduate with my master’s, so I imagine my writing will decrease or disappear altogether while I’m working on that, but you never know. I suggest subscribing to the RSS feed and keeping an eye out because I may just surprise you (and myself too).

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