Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Writing

Remember that thing I wrote about writing, and how it is bad for me, and how I wasn’t going to do it much anymore?

One of my coworkers encouraged me to try Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so I gave it a go last weekend and this weekend, and I’m liking it pretty well. I find that it takes me about half as long to compose and complete a blog post compared to typing, and reducing the amount of time involved makes the whole exercise a lot more palatable.

Subsequently, I decided to try writing some of the JIRA-related stuff that I have been putting off. I also wrote a couple of articles on prioritization that have been in my head for a while, but which I’ve been avoiding because I knew that the math section was going to be a bit of a pain. It’s not like it’s hard math, but I wanted to try to summarize and simplify, and that’s time-consuming.

Anyways, I now have blog posts scheduled on Meta-Manage for this week and next week, and it only took about four hours to write and edit 5000+ words. Last weekend, I was averaging a post per 30 minutes, which again is about twice as fast when compared with typing for me.

I have another couple of weeks left in the 30-day guarantee, but so far so good. If I keep this up, I decided that all of the JIRA, Confluence, and other Atlassian-related writing is going to be done through blog posts rather than a book. I was reading through some of my older theological writings, and I really like that I was able to link together complex topics instead of having to have one really long blog post. I think that format will lend its well to the subject of Atlassian administration.

I also think this will help me keep up the pace of three articles per week instead of one. It was about one hour per blog post, but if I can get three done in an hour and a half, then that’s well worth it.

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