Thinking about switching from iOS to Android

I’ve had an Android phone for a while now, and I got an iPad two years ago. I really like the iPad and mostly use it for reading comics, Reddit, handling email and instant messages, watching movies while traveling by plane,  and gaming when I’m traveling. But I discovered earlier this week that all of the apps I use that used to be iOS-only are now available on Android as well, and it has me thinking about switching.

Now I have an even more compelling reason to switch. I’m currently in a hotel in San Jose and my iPad can’t connect to VPN, though my MacBook and Android phone can. After a bit of research, I learned that the app I use for VPN has a wide range of methods for creating a secured connection on most devices, but iOS really restricts its options. Put simply, I can’t use VPN on my iPad at this hotel because of how they authenticate wifi access, but I can use VPN on Android just fine because it has more paths for securing the connection.

This seems ludicrous, but that’s where we’re at. iOS is preventing me from having an encrypted connection at a hotel.

I’m subsequently thinking about getting the nVidia Shield K1. With a controller and case, it’s 1/3 the cost of a new iPad. I can’t tell if it’s as powerful as a new iPad, but the reviews are pretty positive. Add in a 64 GB super fast SD card and a 2 year warranty that covers accidental damage and it’s still less than half the cost of a new iPad. And I think I can sell my current iPad (a first gen iPad Air) on Swappa for around 2/3 the cost of the Shield K1.

I’m curious what other people think about this switch, so I’m posting to my blog so it’ll crosspost to a few places. My main concerns about switching are that the Shield’s screen is smaller than the iPad, which will impact watching movies on planes and reading comics. I’ve also read that Apple’s tight control over software + hardware means that everything just runs great on iOS, which isn’t necessarily the case with Android. As a counterpoint, I’ve read that the Shield has beefy enough hardware that it doesn’t matter, but I’m uncertain.

Probably, my best approach would be to buy the Shield, try it out for a week, and if I like it, sell the iPad. If I don’t, I could return it for a refund.

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