Review of Plantronics Voyager 5200 bluetooth headset

When I was looking for a new headset to travel with, I did a lot of research but had trouble finding good, live demos. I finally settled on the Plantronics Voyager 5200 and I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve had a few problems with Bluejeans and Zoom, but only once with Zoom, and it’s great with Skype, my phone, and Discord.

I paid for this headset myself and didn’t receive any payment or free stuff for this review. I just wanted to provide an example of how well this headset works in a noisy environment.

Also, I wrote an Amazon review with some more details:

I did as much research as I could before buying a bluetooth headset: I read reviews, watched videos, and emailed colleagues. As an IT consultant, I work from home with clients all over the world, and I travel regularly, so I needed something that did a better job than my Plantronics Blackwire C720 Wired Headset – Retail Packaging – Black. I like the C720 a lot and still prefer it when I’m home and there’s no background noise–having both ears covered helps me focus in long meetings, and its sound quality is superior to the 5200–but the C720 is just too bulky for travel, and it doesn’t cut out enough noise when I’m in a coffee shop, airport, or crowded office.

This headset is much better for me when I’m away from my home office. I can slip it into my bag, easily get 6 hours of active calling before it needs charging, and to charge it all I have to do is drop it on the Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset Charge Case to top it off. If I really needed to, I could plug the charging case into my Anker Astro E4 13000mAh Classic Portable Charger (2nd Generation, High-Capacity Fast-Charging External Battery Power Bank) with PowerIQ Techonology and probably go for days.

The video quality of the review I have here is terrible (camera on a MacBook Air while sitting in front of a window), but I think the audio quality says it all. I have tested this headset by playing music through my computer speakers while recording, and I think the Starbucks test is a great representation of the noise cancelling. People can hear me very well, and I was able to hear them without a problem. And I’ve worn the headset for 4-5+ hours with no real discomfort.

In regards to negatives, the noise cancellation doesn’t seem to work with everything. Evernote audio recording picked up my footsteps while I was pacing, but it has worked well in Camtasia, Skype, Zoom, Discord, and HipChat. I ran into a problem with Bluejeans, but the desktop app prompted me to update right after that call, so maybe it’ll work properly now. Phone calls (I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) seem to be clear and solid too.

4 stars instead of 5 because of the occasional glitches with web conferencing applications and the lack of background noise cancellation in 100% of applications.

Also, I read that the 5200 can be connected to up to 2 bluetooth devices at the same time. I have it connected to my PC laptop, MacBook, and phone, and haven’t had any problems switching between them. YMMV though.

I’ll be driving for work in a couple of weeks and heading overseas in a month, so we’ll see if this headset continues to make me happy. But so far, so good!

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