Focusing my energy on Adaptavist

I started this blog because I had some ideas for articles that I thought would be helpful for people, but keeping a regular schedule for it has been difficult. Between work as a Consultant at Adaptavist, work at the church, some volunteer activities, and spending time with friends, I didn’t have much time or energy for writing. I would fit in some blogging in an evening or on a Saturday when I would try and write many articles at once to schedule out into the future. If I had a busy month or two, I would fall behind.

In December, I was promoted to Head of Learning and Development at Adaptavist. One of the things I’m excited about with this new position is that I can take all of my goals for Meta-Manage and implement them at Adaptavist, but instead of trying to cram them into a spare Saturday or an occasional evening, I can develop these ideas during the week. What’s more, I’ll have a team of people to help me, so we’ll be able to do all the things that I’ve been dreaming of.

This means that I won’t be posting here much anymore, if at all. I might let the domain lapse once the year is up. But keep an eye on and where new articles will be showing up with greater frequency. I’ll post here on occasion (while the domain is still registered anyways) when we have something new, like the podcast we’re planning to kick-off, or a webinar, but all of my energy and attention will be going into Adaptavist rather than Meta-Manage for the foreseeable future.

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