Deliberately starting a new chapter

I have been looking forward to October 1 for a while now.

Our second child is due in 5 weeks. That’s crazy exciting, and I want to be ready for it. We’re also about 5 weeks away from the election. That’s exciting in a whole different way.

October 1 is my date this year to make some changes as we prepare for the big changes ahead.


To ensure I have enough energy for a toddler plus a newborn plus helping my wife out, I am going back onto a keto diet. This will also help me hit my second goal weight, which I’ve been putting off pursuing for a while. Rice and ice cream are so good! But a few months of keto will get me to where I want to be.

  • Starting weight: 198.8 lbs.
  • Current weight: 198.8 lbs.
  • Goal weight: 170 lbs.

For those of you who recall my last keto diet, I dropped from 240 lbs. to 190 lbs. I’ve been at 195 +/- 4 since then (around 1.5 years now, I think).

I expect to do this through the end of January, though if I hit my goal weight earlier, and if our sleep schedule is getting back to normal, I may end it early.

Social Media

With the election approaching, social media is more stressful than ever. We’re planning to vote absentee in-person tomorrow, and I plan to avoid Facebook and Reddit at least through the election and probably until after our baby is born.

I want to be focused on positive things and reserve my energy for my family. If you need to reach me, you can email, text, or call.

As an alternative to Facebook and Reddit, I’ve been reading a lot more. I carry my Kindle around and I’ve been checking out ebooks from the Library. I think this makes me a happier person, and it’s helping balance out other stressful areas of my life.

Outdoor Improvements

I also want to record here that we’re making a bit of progress on our outdoor work. Not that I have done anything, but I had a landscape company out today to look at things and start working on estimates, and I have an estimate (but not a bid, yet) for the patio roof. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can have the patio and other hardscaping done by February. We might be able to build the playground before then.

I suspect the patio roof would then be in April or May.


And last but not least, a quick update on work since that was the top subject of my last blog post.

I got pretty down early last week. I’m struggling with burn-out. There’s a lot of pushing a boulder up a hill and trying to balance too many spinning plates, if I can mix my visual metaphors.

So last week I went for a walk and really confronted my challenges, and I asked myself, “What would it look like for things to be better? What do you need to have happen for that?”

I had some ideas, and I started pursuing them. And just a week and a half later, I’m feeling quite a bit better. I can’t express how great it is to work for a company that is generally supportive and invests in its employees. When I say, “To get from here to there, we need to do X,” often the response is, “OK, let’s do it.” I’m not told to just figure it out without X.

For my British colleagues, I don’t think they understand how rare that support is. At many American companies, if I said I was getting burnt out and we need to do X, the take-away would be that I can’t do my job so they probably ought to not promote me ever and potentially sideline or fire me. Adaptavist has a vision and pursues long-term gain. That’s why we succeed.

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