Doing some “writing”

I don't always blog...I haven’t used Dragon Naturally Speaking in a while. Like, maybe 2 months. I have no excuse, other than that I’m a swooper at heart. I don’t write for ever, then I write a whole bunch at once.

In this case, I now have 16 blog posts scheduled over at Meta-Manage. There are only 34 blog posts published, so I wrote almost half as many posts in the last couple of days as there currently are available. Craziness.

Next week at work, we’re writing questions and answers for the JIRA Service Desk certification exam. I suspect I’ll write the study materials sometime shortly thereafter, at which point I’ll have written a bunch of notes on three different JIRA cert exams. Maybe I’ll take my Dragon software and dictate a book about JIRA. And maybe not. It’s not super fun to write about work management software.

Maybe I’ll dictate a scifi novel that has been rattling around in my head. NaNoWriMo is coming up, after all.

Anyways, if you’re into agile project management, or just management in general, keep an eye on Meta-Manage every Tuesday and Thursday from now until November. Maybe I’ll write some more stuff between now and then to keep it going. You never know.

I have the weirdest geek obsession

I just discovered CMMI and I’m fascinated by it. Why have I never heard of this before?

I don’t know that being a Project Management Geek is better than being a Star Wars Geek, but that’s what I am. I’m buying and reading books about PM in my spare time. I love reading articles about this stuff. I’m getting a masters in it just because I enjoy studying the subject and becoming better at its practice.

I’ve always hated the concept of “follow your passion, find your place.” I don’t think we need to have passion to find a place or be happy. But I’m discovering, after studying this subject for a year, that I may just be passionate about PM. I didn’t think I was passionate about anything, but I really love this subject, and I don’t want to do anything else with my career.

It’s too bad that this means I feel like the biggest nerd in the world. At least I’m not alone.