20 years of leading teams to success.

I have been leading teams for 20 years engaged with supporting users, system administration, project and program management, product management, and strategy development.

My experience in difficult environments and situations has taught me patience, resiliency, and how to stay calm in the midst of chaos so I can guide my teams to success.

Career as a Platform

Over the course of 7 months, I developed a 6-month roadmap, led the engineering team in paying down 4 months of technical debt, and trained the product, design, and project management teams on how to better manage and lead a complex product team with ~80 contributors.

Learn for Jira

Learn for Jira (L4J) was a Jira app to deliver eLearning directly inside of Jira so people could learn how to best use Jira without leaving it.

Adaptavist Library Strategy

I inherited the Library at the end of July 2020 and was directed by our CEO to decide what to make of it or whether we should just kill it.

Matthew brings energy and enthusiasm into every room.

His ability to apply his vast product and project management skills while garnering the support of the development teams that he manages is impressive!

Matthew inspires trust and confidence through his tireless efforts of market research, surveying customers, and effectively communicating at all levels.

He is a true thought-leader and highly respected across the product management team for his creative problem-solving and delivering high-value products that meet customer needs.

I am grateful for his mentorship and his contagious desire to never stop learning and becoming better in all things, professionally and personally.

Jackie Witchko, Product Management Leader

Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast

When I founded the Adaptavist Education team, I set our mission as “Establish Adaptavist as the authority on Atlassian best practice.” One method of achieving that mission was launching a podcast.

Documentation Migration and Unification

We brought documentation from 6 sites and 3 different platforms together to a single, beautiful documentation site for Adaptavist’s portfolio of Atlassian, Slack, and other apps.

Atlassian Certification Program

In the spring of 2015, Atlassian invited me to help them create high-stakes certifications for their software. Over the next few years, I helped design the blueprints, wrote many of the questions and answers, and developed study materials.

Atlassian Implementation for Health Insurance Startup

I worked with Collective Health for 6 months to help them scale up and launch for 30,000 insurance members, and then another 6 months to help them grow and stabilize.

Project Management for Confluence Upgrade

Upgrading a 4-year old Confluence system with modified core, database, and third-party app files presented numerous challenges.

Atlassian Training Videos

I used Camtasia to record and edit screen capture of slides, live demos, and audio for three of the Atlassian University courses.

Agile Project Management Consulting

Four workstreams with over 100 contributors total and a backlog of 900 stories had gotten out of control. I was brought in to work with the PMO and get the pilot moving forward again.

Fleet Management

I built a number of systems to manage Missouri State University’s approximately 6000 computers across 80 buildings.

Academic Printer Procurement

I ran multiple RFQs to source printers, paper, and toner and improved printers across campus while decreasing long-term cost.

Sungard Banner ERP Implementation

I built Jira and Confluence systems to support the implementation and worked with 4 of the 6 groups to help them be successful in learning and using Banner ERP.

Help Desk Website

To improve communication with students, faculty, and staff, I built a blog site using WordPress that pushed updates to Twitter and email subscribers in addition to providing an RSS feed.

Domain Name Conversion

Changing the university’s name from Southwest Missouri State University brought with it a domain name change and changing everybody’s username. We needed a way to move desktop computers from one domain to the other without people losing their documents, shortcuts, or macros.

Immediately after joining our team, Matthew’s experience, knowledge, and value became apparent. He clearly articulated the “why” behind the project to which he was assigned, improved processes, and gained team buy-in. He focused his teams on user problems to deliver value in the most effective ways. Matthew is a strong leader, able to mentor and teach, and he has a breadth of experience and understanding across many industries and supporting companies at all stages of their journey, that makes him an absolute rock star of Product Management!

Jennifer Richardson, Director of Product Management

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