Academic Printer Procurement and Management

Employer: Missouri State University
Role: Lab Support Administrator
Duration: April to August 2012

We wanted to use funds from the Student Computer Usage Fee that had been allocated to support printing in academic areas to standardize printers in all academic labs on campus. This would result in decreased costs from maintenance and toner due to economies of scale and volume purchasing of toner. I assisted in evaluating the printers, selecting the printer to be purchased, and then handled all distribution of the printers.

As an ongoing task, I monitored all the printers and oversaw campus-wide distribution of paper and toner to SCUF printers as needed. When a printer reaches 20% toner, I had a cartridge delivered to the associated department or support person for that printer.

We were able to get discounts on printers, toner, and paper by purchasing larger volumes and handling distribution to the academic areas ourselves.

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