Atlassian Certification Program

Employer: Adaptavist
Role: Head of Education
Duration: April 2015 to September 2017

I began working with Atlassian in April of 2015 on their new certification program. We begin each certification or badge with several days of “job task analysis,” during which we develop a blueprint for the cert. The next step is to write questions and options, and this typically takes several weeks. Eventually, the exam will be beta tested, and then launched into production.

In addition to developing the blueprints and writing a significant portion of the questions and options, I also helped review the beta. During this process, we look at how each question performed statistically as well as the comments from test takers, and we decide whether to keep, drop, or modify a question and its options.

I wrote all the study materials for the JIRA, Confluence, and JIRA Software certifications. This involves performing a gap analysis of the cert and existing training and documentation, then writing a lecture to help prepare people for the certification. I write a number of cases for students to review, including study questions and labs, and then record videos of the lecture and to accompany each case, as well as a video for each section/objective on the exams.

The certifications and badges I have worked with are:

  • April 2015: JIRA Administration
  • June 2015: Confluence Administration
  • June 2015: Advanced Workflows badge
  • March 2016: Agile Development with JIRA Software
  • March 2016: JIRA Service Desk
  • Fall 2017: Sysadmin

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