Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast

Employer: Adaptavist
Role: Head of Education
Duration: March 2017 to March 2022

As part of my work to establish Adaptavist as the authority on Atlassian best practice, I launched a podcast with Ryan Spilken in March 2017. We began as an interview podcast and talked with people about how they were using Atlassian software, and over the years we transitioned to focusing on news and updates.

The Atlassian Ecosystem podcast is focused on news and updates from Atlassian and partners. We read Atlassian’s release notes so that you don’t have to and connect listeners with impactful features that can improve their day-to-day lives.

I served as the technical subject matter expert and historian for the podcast because I had been working with Atlassian software for so long. While I occasionally edited and published episodes, my primary role was co-host.

We had a list of sites we’d check for updates and pulled those together on Trello, then reported on them in each podcast.

After leaving Adaptavist in March 2022, I no longer co-hosted the podcast, but you can still listen to it at

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