Agile Project Management Consulting for KPMG

Employer: Adaptavist
Role: Senior Consultant
Duration: October 2014 to March 2015

A large firm had begun migrating to Atlassian’s Confluence and JIRA to provide centralized communication and collaboration for their worldwide consultants. Previously, documents were spread across local hard drives, email inboxes, and Microsoft SharePoint in a myriad of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and Excel documents, with no authoritative source or standardization.

KPMG was conducting a pilot to determine if the Atlassian tools were right for them, and their pilot user group was 120,000 users working in multiple countries and regions. We delivered custom software solutions and configuration for Confluence and Jira and delivered training to onboard people. This work included me managing four different workstreams at KPMG as well as their in-house engineering team to fix their sprint and value delivery and get everyone working better together.

Adaptavist was brought in to assist on a number of fronts. My main focus was to get a handle on the program overall, which was divided into a number of focus areas, and help the PMO gain a better understanding on what work was being done, by whom, and at what pace. I setup JIRA dashboards, JIRA Agile Scrum and Kanban boards, and began coaching the various teams on basic agile practices while instituting a two-week sprint, a regular cadence, and bringing the various processes of analysis, design, development, QA, and deployment into alignment.

I also took lead on JIRA Service Desk, handling requirements gathering and editing, design and building of proof-of-concept, runbook documentation, and writing of QA test cases. This was my first experience with QA and HPQC, and I have now written test cases for about a dozen different processes and Confluence add-ons.

I also coordinated project team meetings, both for the Adaptavist team and several of the customer teams, handled time tracking and invoicing, and progress reporting both to Adaptavist and the customer.

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