Sungard Banner ERP Implementation

Employer: Missouri State University
Role: Centralized User Support Specialist
Duration: April 2007 to July 2009

Served as User Support liaison to 4 of the 6 Sungard Banner ERP implementation groups at Missouri State University, as well as a member of the Luminis Portal implementation team. I also implemented a number of support sites.

The university’s computer services were all built in-house over the previous 20 or so years. and Banner ERP was envisioned to replace those and tie everything together. This would provide the university with better insight into our finances, student aid, registration, human resources, and other aspects of university data.

I had two main roles as the User Support liaison. The first was to build support systems: I implemented Jira as a work management system to track work on implementing Banner ERP, and then Confluence to serve as a knowledge management system. I handled the configuration and set up for Jira, and wrote about 700 articles on Confluence to get it started. I also handled the server setup, backup routines, database administration, and other sysadmin tasks for Jira and Confluence.

The second role was to tie the different implementation groups together and make sure they were getting the support they needed, both from administration and from Computer Services. A lot of change and knowledge management was needed for people, as well as local software configuration, and troubleshooting of the Banner system as it was being built. I worked closely with everyone involved across many departments to make sure the setup and roll-out when smoothly.

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