And so I began drinking

I agree with Terry Pratchett that we drink to forget, but after years of struggling with a tendency towards alcoholism and a strong desire to drown myself to forget, I broke from these thoughts. Having overcome the weakness (several years ago), I was able to drink with self-control and vivality.

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Triwizard Drinking Tournament

Welcome Us!

Though this event was technically Pre-PAX Day 2, it gets its own post because it was just that epic.

For those unfamiliar with the name, the Triwizard Drinking Tournament is a pub crawl to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. The format is simple: in each bar there is a challenge, and these challenges involve drinking shots. Sometimes the challenge is a duel, with each spell being a different shot, but we are civil about it. The challenger buys the shots, both duelists drink the shots, and if one refuses then they lose.

Oh, and if you hadn’t gathered, it was Harry Potter themed, so we were self-sorted into houses prior to ever arriving. I was with Hufflepuff.

What I didn’t realize was that the drinking and dueling doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. It’s fun and funny, but the charity part of the event is based on donations. The challenges, duels, and score-keeping is completely irrelevant, existing in a vacuum, so if I attend again I don’t think I’ll drink as much. I thought we needed to go through with the challenges, so I ended up drinking a bit more than I would have otherwise.

This was a great opportunity to meet and hang out with people and we had a TON of fun. Check out the rest of the pictures for witty commentary and drunken snapshots.

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Cheap as Free

If you saw my Twitter last night, you saw that Bahama Breeze doesn’t know how to measure tequila shots. After ordering a shot, they brought me a tumbler with probably 2.5 shots of Patron SIlver in it. This was after an amazing meal coupled with a Bahama Mama (fresh fruit and lots of rum), onion rings, and firecracker shrimp.

Then we went back to the hotel, where there are free drinks until 7:30 p.m. A couple of glasses of wine and a cigar later, I went back to my room and watched Family Guy until bedtime.

As Jeremy put it, there’s free booze, and that makes this a vacation 😀 At the same time, I’m now in an 8-hour session today about virtual computing labs, and I’m really enjoying it. For more information, check out my notes on VCL, which will be undergoing development throughout the day (and probably further formatting throughout the rest of the week).

I really want to do this VCL thing (which has now been released open source), but it would require completely restructuring the way a lot of things work at the university regarding computing. I’ll talk with Kevin about it tonight.