Musical AI Makes Anyone a Musician

Setting aside the observation that “anyone is an artist if they’re making art, even if that art is rubbish,” I couldn’t help but wonder as I watched this video. In drawing, or painting, or writing, you can call yourself an artist if you’re making something, but you won’t gain admiration or accolades for poor work. In music, though, technology is reaching a level that it can correct trash and make it pretty nice. Artists like T-Pain rely on this with autotune, and LaDiDa commercializes it both inexpensively and to a far greater extent.

Music is, at its heart, mathematical, which makes improving it through technology achievable. But how long before art or wordsmithing is analyzed enough for computers to make the same advances in those mediums?

I feel this really reinforces my motivation for writing. Before long, you’re not going to be able to make [much] money by making art because anyone will be able to do it, and do it easily. There are more books published every year than in all the previous years combined. Anyone can make a song, and getting them is already trivial. Why should we pay significant sums of money for skills that are no longer the sole domain of the skilled?

If we are going to produce art, we’ve got to do it because we enjoy it. If you’re doing it because you want to make money, look around: before too long, there won’t be money to be made.