Why Switching to Simple Isn’t Worth It

In late October, I received an email from Simple with the subject line “Have you been cheating on us?” It asked me to write back, so I did and have given them ample time to reply. Since they haven’t, I wanted to share with you all why I think Simple just isn’t worth the switch.

When BankSimple was first announced, I was crazy excited. I shared it on Twitter. I told lots of people. Within the first 3 hours of the announcement, I had signed up for a beta account and emailed one of the founders to offer my services in helping them develop good customer support in the future. He replied politely and my excitement remained strong.

Later renamed to just “Simple,” the premise of this bank is easy to explain: founded by techies, Simple will provide a fantastic, easy, and modern interface for a bank that handles and displays transactions instantly and charges no fees. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not. They do what they say they’re going to. But I still have some problems with them, and when they invited me to write them, I did so with the intent of it becoming an open letter if they never replied.

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